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The Heartlands – Crimson Pointless Redemption 2 Wiki Manual

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The Heartlands is a predicament in Crimson Pointless Redemption 2’s train of New Hanover. Right here is where Arthur and the gang discover a dwelling after escaping the snowy mountains.

Exploration warning: When you shield to need to issue all areas to your have, we issue you now not witness at this page.


On every individual blueprint page, which you may presumably study extra on what sources are accessible within the placement, notable structures and other folks, wildlife, secrets and techniques, collectibles, and extra. You’re going to be ready to additionally stare all these aspects on our Crimson Pointless Redemption 2 Interactive Procedure.

  • Heartlands Locations
  • Solutions to Effect a Fast $500
  • Heartlands Sources and Wildlife
  • Heartlands Collectibles

Heartlands Locations[edit]

  • Horseshoe Fail to see
  • Caliban’s Seat
  • Limpany
  • Bard’s Crossing
  • Flatneck Dwelling
  • Buying and selling Post
  • Gill Touchdown
  • Oil Derrick
  • Twin Stack Circulate
  • Downes Ranch
  • Valentine
  • Chadwick Farm
  • Lucky’s Cabin
  • Cornwall Kerosene & Tar
  • Carmody Dell
  • Larned Sod
  • Guthrie Farm
  • Heartland Overflow
  • Emerald Ranch
  • Emerald Dwelling
  • Hani’s Bethel

Solutions to Effect a Fast $500[edit]

After you complete The Spines of The United States mission, and simplest after that which you may presumably make a rapid $500. Visit Limpany, the burned city unbiased south of Horseshoe Fail to see. When you have not  been there but, here it’s miles on the blueprint:


One there, focus on over with this sheriff’s constructing and make a selection an prompt left and disappear across the desk. It potentially served as a spread of reception desk at one level. Within the desk is a lockbox with a Special Horse Stimulant Pamphlet and, most seriously, a gold bar.

Sheriffsstation limpany.jpg

Sherifflockbox limpany.jpg

With the gold bar to your possession, which you may presumably focus on over with the fence in Emerald Ranch and put up for sale for a groovy $500. You’re going to be ready to gain up this gold bar at any time, however which you may presumably now not put up for sale except you’ve got unlocked the fence with The Spines of The United States mission.


Heartlands Sources and Wildlife[edit]

Below are wildlife and vegetation we’ve came across in The Heartlands. We’ll accomplish our simplest to withhold this up as a lot as now as we predicament new things, however please if truth be told be at liberty to add animals and vegetation you’ve came across to this list too!

Wildlife: Coming soon!

Vegetation: Coming soon!

Display disguise: Came across Chanterelle mushrooms northeast of Emerald Dwelling. Vegetation that thrive within the woods and hilly areas are on this identical old location.

Heartlands Collectibles[edit]

Right here which you may discover a compilation of collectibles we have came across in The Heartlands. Extra sections might be added as they’re done.

Heartlands Dreamcatchers[edit]

The Heartlands Hills Dreamcatchers[edit]

These dreamcatchers are one of the main first which you may bump into. Visit the Heartlands, NH, and poke toward the “N” in Heartlands to your blueprint. No longer a long way from the avenue is a tree filled with dreamcatchers that Arthur can explore.


HeartlandsDreamcatchers blueprint.jpg


Southwest of Limpany Dreamcatchers[edit]

A bare tree filled with dreamcatchers overlooks an intersection of three roads southwest of Limpany in The Heartlands. Stroll or poke up the little ridge to explore these dreamcatchers


DreamcatcherA blueprint.jpg

West of Caliban’s Seat Dreamcatchers[edit]

These dreamcatchers are seen from the avenue on the west side of The Heartlands. When you break up heading west on the avenue from Caliban’s Seat, which you may witness this to your formulation. Opt a short diversion to stare these dreamcatchers.

Dreamcatchers b.jpg

Dreamcatcher B blueprint.jpg

Lucky’s Cabin Dreamcatchers[edit]

East of Lucky’s Cabin in The Heartlands is a tree fleshy of dreamcatchers. You’re going to be ready to predicament this tree whereas you make a selection the side avenue east of Lucky’s Cabin toward Valentine. The tree might be to your left.

Dreamcatchers c.jpg

Dramcatchers c blueprint.jpg

Horseshoe Fail to see Dreamcatchers[edit]

Though technically now not in Horseshoe Fail to see, these Heartlands dreamcatchers are nearby. When you break up heading north from Horseshoe Fail to see along the tracks, which you may presumably discover this tree with dreamcatchers amongst others and are accessible the “E” in New on the blueprint.

Dreamcatcher H.jpg

Dreamcatcher Emap.jpg


Heartland Overflow Dreamcatchers[edit]

On the southeast side of the Heartland Overflow is a with regards to bare tree filled with dreamcatchers. That it’s probably you’ll discover it between the water and Guthrie Farm in The Heartlands.

Dreamcatcher I.jpg

Dramcatcher IMap.jpg

Northeast Heartlands Dreamcatchers[edit]

This dreamcatcher tree is within the “O” in New Hanover on the blueprint, oddly. When you break up taking the avenue to the east of that “O” north in The Heartlands, which you may presumably poke or disappear via the flower field to the treeline. In these trees which you may discover one delectable tree embellished with the dreamcatchers.

Dreamcatcher J.jpg

Dreamcatcher Jmap.jpg

This one is a little more difficult to predicament. Right here is where we entered the treeline:

Dreamcatcher Jent.jpg


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