Marnie Simpson Considers Hypnotherapy For Crisp Addiction After Eating Up To Ten Bags Per Day

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Marnie Simpson Considers Hypnotherapy For Crisp Addiction After Eating Up To Ten Bags Per Day

We all relish fave meals that we relish day in day out, however the extent of Marnie Simpson’s esteem for crisps is delight in nothing we have ever known previous to.

The broken-down Geordie Shore lass took to Instagram to expose what number of packets she eats per day, which is able to get to double figures.

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Replying to a fan who asked what her fave meals and drink is, she published: “My well-liked part to relish is crisps,” she talked about.

“I relish manner too many, spherical three-10 packets of crisps a day, which is no longer only valid however I’ve consistently been addicted,” she talked about.

Marnie added that she’s thought about therapy to abet curb her dependancy to the savoury snack: “I’ve genuinely thought to be hypnotherapy to try to eliminate my crisps dependancy.”

While it might perchance possibly perchance perchance also unbiased no longer be the healthiest meals quite loads of, Marnie did tag that she’s entirely lower alcohol out of our life and is feeling great greater for it. Existence is all about balance.

Marnie also told her followers one other part she’s lower out of her life… fillers.

Speaking on Instagram reports, she published the most unusual project she had carried out: “I purchased a main-up of botox, I had all me fillers dissolved and I manufacture no longer get them anymore. I did that just a few months within the past.”

“I factual genuinely, genuinely grew out of fillers. However I elevate out esteem a shrimp of botox in me brow,” she added.

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