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Microsoft is widely known for its software, electronics, computers, and services but this is not all that the company does. Microsoft is also a reliable vendor that offers the IT certifications for professionals all over the world.

Microsoft certifications have always been very popular among all IT companies and hiring managers in other industries, as they serve as an assurance that the selected candidate is good with his/her job responsibilities and knows the relevant basic concepts of his/her field of work. According to research, almost 64% of job positions in different IT companies and business around the world require that the candidates have Microsoft credentials. It is obvious that certified professionals are given much more opportunities than the non-certified individuals. This particular certification exam has become a very important choice for the IT experts, as the certificate it provides has a number of benefits.

What is the most popular Prepaway Dumps path? Without any doubt, its MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate), as this track acts as a springboard for the specialists in the IT field. It’s a beginner-level certification for those who want to get entry-level positions in IT. MCSA track consists of many different credentials intended for the specialists with various skills.

To know more about MCSA certifications, visit Microsoft website.

Among the MCSA credentials popular among the candidates on the associate-level, MCSA: Machine Learning certification is the leading one. This certification includes an array of the skills necessary for the aspiring IT specialists who want to work with data analysis. To attain MCSA: Machine Learning, you need to pass two exams: 70-773 and 70-774.

Exam 70-773: this exam is not easy to clear, especially if the test taker has little or no previous experience in the sphere of machine learning, Microsoft R, and Big Data. This Microsoft certification test is a GNU project, which consists of the language of graphics, statistics, and visualization such as SQL Server Support R and Visual Studio. There is a relationship between R and SQL Server because R Services currently include SQL Services. R Services are the Machine Learning Service in SQL 2017. Data Science tasks can be performed by SQL Server in an effective way, as the result depends only on the user.

Exam 70-774: Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning. This exam covers the topics associated with data analysis in Azure Machine Learning, development of Machine Learning Models, and more.

Upon successful completion of MCSA credential, you will be qualified to attain the expert-level MCSE: Data Management and Analytics certification.

Still, in this article, we will discuss Microsoft 70-773 exam, the first of the two exams which lead to MCSA: Machine Learning.

70-773 Exam Overview

This exam mainly focuses on SQL R Services and Microsoft R Server, and its main function is to analyze Big Data. Analyzing Big Data has been added to 70-773 test by Microsoft to expand the scope of the certification. Microsoft R Server and SQL R Services are the main platforms around which Microsoft 70-773 exam is conducted. The course is available not only in English, but also in other languages like Chinese, Japanese, French, German, and Portuguese. It was published in the year 2017. The test allows you to get the following renowned credentials: MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate), and MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert).

To get more details about 70-773 exam, browse Microsoft official website.

Benefits of taking Microsoft 70-773 exam

Some of the benefits provided by this certification test are as follows:

  • It gives the candidate a reliable experience of the Lab course.
  • It helps the test taker enhance his or her skills in their field of interest.
  • It assures that the certified individual knows the course topics, and his/her assessment score proves it.
  • It becomes easy for the individual to achieve success in his or her career by exploring different fields.
  • It is an easy way to get a job position with a higher salary.

There are many practice courses available for Microsoft 70-773 that are also available online. For instance, on website, there are video tutorials and mock tests that give the candidate an idea of what types of questions may be encountered during the certification exam. It is very helpful for the students to prepare for the exam, as PrepAway helps them analyze their weaknesses and strengths in different areas. In addition, it gives them the opportunity to enhance their professional skills. Completing PrepAway 70-773 practice tests is one of the major steps taken to clear 70-773 certification exam at the first attempt.

Basic requirements to take Microsoft 70-773 certification test

Data analysts and data scientists are the ones who form the target audience for this exam, as well as those who are working with R and are processing and analyzing large data sets. The certification can also be taken by the IT specialists who want to validate their professional skills. Before applying for this course, one should be familiar with data structures and understand the basic programming concepts like control flow and scope. It also tests one’s ability to debug R code functions, as well as the ability to write them. The individual should also have the knowledge and understanding of some of the data platforms like SQL Server, Hadoop Ecosystem, as well as core T-SQL capabilities.

General information about Microsoft 70-773 exam

  • The final assessment consists of 40 questions in total.
  • The test consists of multiple-choice questions.
  • The exam lasts 120 minutes. (2 hours).
  • It has a passing score of 700 out of the total 1000 points.
  • The exam is conducted in Pearson VUEtest centers.

The exam checks the high-level skills and abilities of the candidates. The main objective and the reason behind this certificate and its preparation courses is to make the student more responsible, as well as increase his or her level of knowledge for further use. Some of the skills analyzed in Microsoft 70-773 certification test are as follows:

  • Explore and Read Big Data
  • Summarize Big Data
  • Read Big Data with R server
  • Visualize Big Data
  • Processing of Big Data
  • Management of Big Data Sets
  • Processing of Big Data with rxDataStep
  • Usage of RML packages for processing text
  • Performing complex transformations using transform functions
  • Using ScaleR for building Predictive Models
  • Using local compute contexts to optimize tasks
  • Using SQL Server to perform in-database analytics
  • Usage of variable computes contexts for running R Server effectively
  • Deployment of predictive models to Azure Machine Learning and SQL Server
  • Usage of the Hadoop ecosystem and Spark to implement workflow analysis
  • R server use in different environments
  • Usage of RML packages for creating additional models
  • Estimation of linear models
  • Evaluation of certain tuning parameters and models
  • Generation of residuals and predictions
  • Usage and building of partitioning models

How to get more knowledge related to Data an BI?

There is also an alternative way to get MCSA certification related to Data an BI. If you are intended to enhance your knowledge on Data, you can get MCSA: BI Reporting certification.

70-778: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI exam covers the topics such as transforming and consuming data by using Power BI Desktop, data visualization, and more.

More alternatives

If you want to be an expert not only in Data but in something else, you can consider passing 70-735: OEM Manufacturing and Deployment for Windows 10. This exam is created to verify the skills related to servicing of Offline and Online Image and preparing of the Imaging Environment.

If you still have some questions, here are some useful links where you can find the comprehensive information about Microsoft credentials and exams.

In conclusion

There are several job opportunities for certified professionals in different IT companies all over the world. When you back your resume with Microsoft credential, you can expect a respected job position with a high salary right from the start of your career path. The most common positions suitable for Microsoft certification holders include data analysts, developers of IT codes, data debuggers, and partitioning model developers.

Considering the information above, along with checking website, you can easily prepare for 70-773, 70-774, 70-778, and 70-735 exams and become Microsoft certified. Wish you luck! 


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