US hardens line on Saudi Arabia as proof mounts over Khashoggi’s disappearance

(CNN)The US moved closer to acknowledging the role of Saudi Arabia in journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s apparent death as new details emerged linking his disappearance to people close to the kingdom’s crown prince.On Thursday President Donald Trump said for the first time that he believes Khashoggi is no longer alive, more than two weeks after the…

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93 extra ex-college students accuse former USC gynecologist of sexual misconduct, attorney says

This report contains graphic and sensitive material.Los Angeles (CNN)Ninety-three additional women have come forward to accuse longtime University of Southern California gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall of sexual misconduct, according to the attorney in the case.Tyndall was the only full-time gynecologist at the school’s Student Health Clinic for 30 years.Attorney John Manly said the 93 former…

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Khashoggi probe closes in on Saudi Crown Prince’s internal circle

(CNN)Turkish investigators were studying DNA samples on Wednesday as they probed the case of Jamal Khashoggi, amid growing indications that the men allegedly responsible for the Saudi journalist’s disappearance have close ties to the highest levels of the Saudi government.Sources told CNN that a group of Saudi men whom Turkish officials believe are connected to…

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Lady Is Fired After Video Reveals Her Blocking off a Black Man From His Dwelling

Woman Is Fired After Video Shows Her Blocking a Black Man From His Condoposted videos of the episode on his Facebook page on Saturday and they quickly spread on social media, where the then-unidentified woman was derisively referred to as “Apartment Patty.”Over the weekend, Ms. Mueller’s employer, Tribeca-STL, which manages real estate elsewhere in the…

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Alec Stanley 1st earl baldwin of bewdley calls on voters to ‘overthrow’ govt

Alec Baldwin calls on voters to ‘overthrow’ governmentActor Alec Baldwin is reportedly urging voters to use the ballot box to “overthrow” the government in order to effect change on gun violence, energy policies and racial equality.“The way we implement change in America is through elections. We change governments here at home in an orderly and formal way,” Baldwin…

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